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The Design Kit is a living, breathing document that contains all of our visual assets (base elements, components, iconography, color palettes, grids, responsive behavior, etc). This document evolves and changes as we collaborate with partners and service teams.


1. Download the Kit

Go to the Design Kit repo and click on the latest version of the Design Kit.

Click the "View Raw" link to begin downloading the kit.

2. Open the Design Kit in Sketch

Why Sketch?

Sketch is the industry standard design tool for UI design. You can purchase a lifetime license for $99. If you don't have a liscence for Sketch, you can sign up for a 30 day free trial. Sketch is easy to learn, and they offer many tutorials for further learning.

3. Using the Design Kit

The Design Kit contains core visual styles, components and elements, and templates. It contains a collection of symbols and text styles for rapid design and prototyping of layouts. Each is broken out into respective pages, which can be navigated to through the left side panel.

Light and Dark UI

Light UI is a theme we’ve developed to cater to those users who either prefer light UI. Each component was designed with a light and a dark theme.


The Carbon Design System team makes frequent updates to the Design Kit. We track all release updates in our change log, so check back frequently!